All you need is love...and chocolate. We couldn’t agree more!

We are the owners of MADE Atlantic City Chocolate Bar. The name deriving from the first two letters of both of our names, Mark & Deb. We chose to give up our careers in Food & Beverage and open our own place together. We decided on a bean-to-bar chocolate shop located on 121 S. Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City, N.J.

We’ve created the only bean-to-bar shop in New Jersey, where the entire chocolate making process is done on premise. But we didn’t stop there. We take making chocolate to another level by infusing all of our cocktails with our artisan chocolate creating one of a kind drinks you will not find anywhere in the world. We select our bean origins from around the world then hand sort & roast them to perfection. We add only the highest quality ingredients, handcraft & hand wrap each and every bar.

The chocolate shop is an intimate space with a really cool vibe & a just a hint of church décor. We can comfortably seat 32 people both at the bar and lounge side, while being able to accommodate up to 45-50 people in our entire space. In addition to amazing chocolate bars and cocktails, we also make incredible desserts with our chocolate and offer a few savory temptations that pair fantastic with our nice wine selection or drinks.

We take great pride in not only making our chocolate but everything we do and hope you come in to enjoy what we love so much…creating amazing experiences with you.

In Case You Were Wondering

Mark and I met at Resorts Casino. I was a pastry sous chef and Mark was a cook. We met in the main kitchen, locked eyes, exchanged a few words and never saw each other again. Mark’s chef’s husband played in a band and as fate would have it we both showed up to hear him play at Six Shooters, (which is now ironically Bourre on New York Ave in A.C. one street over from our shop). Mark says to me “Oh you’re having a Manhattan!” Mark’s parents were born and raised in A.C., and enjoyed Manhattan’s every day. When you stop in to see us you will have the best Manhattan you’ve ever had, infused with our chocolate and it will change your life. Just like the one I had 22 years ago… as long as we’ve been happily married.

What We Do

MADE Atlantic City Chocolate Bar is a bean-to-bar chocolate shop created by our love for each other and chocolate.

From when you walk in the door until the time you leave, We have created a unique experience that involves chocolate every step of the way. From the smell of it being MADE right in front of you behind large glass windows, to the decadent desserts created weekly, we infuse it into every cocktail you will enjoy at our place. We also have a few unique savory temptations to enjoy with great wine selections or signature cocktails such as the confession Manhattan or Chocolate Martini.

located at 121 S. Tennessee Ave, Atlantic City, N.J. 08401


Custom MADE Chocolate

Make any event a memorable one with customized MADE chocolate bars. Wedding, birthday, corporate event, baptism, brisk or just a way to say Thank You, we can create that one of a kind gift that everyone wants for any special occasion.


65% Sea Salt | 40% Milk | 75% Dark

75% Dark Orange


LARGE BAR 80 gram/2.82 oz.

Signature $8.00 I Specialty $8.50

SMALL BAR 27 gram/.95 oz.

Signature $3.50 I Specialty $4.00


LARGE BAR 80 GRAM/2.82 oz.

Signature $6.00 I Specialty I $6.50

SMALL BAR 27 GRAM/.95 oz

Signature $2.50 I Specialty $3.50

Unique Experience/Events

We offer an opportunity for you and friends or your work team to learn exactly how we make chocolate with a hands on experience! Get to see chocolate in it’s rarest form of raw cacao and all the stages that it goes through until it becomes that velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth. We offer the ultimate experience for $65 per person for a 2 hour event that includes small snack, open bar, artisan dessert display and take away bar.

We are also available for exclusive events/parties as we are a very unique, intimate place to unwind and hang out with friends, family and co workers. If you are as small as a group of 5 people or a group of 45, we would be happy to discuss some options with you.

We are able to create an experience that fits into your budget so please contact us at the link below.