MADE Atlantic City Chocolate Bar provides a sweet spot on Tennessee Avenue that is perfect for everyone who loves chocolate, cocktails and wine. 

Behind the scenes of MADE is two talented chefs who also happen to be married. Mark and Deborah Pellegrino have used their love and passion for chocolate and each other to create this bean-to-bar chocolate shop concept. Together, they have sourced the finest cacao beans from around the world to create unique, single origin chocolate in the city they were raised and fell in love.

From sweet creations to original cocktails and perfectly paired wine flights, every aspect of MADE is inspired by and incorporates their chocolate. Mark and Deb have created a destination right off of the world famous Atlantic City boardwalk where locals and tourists can experience handcrafted chocolate and cocktails. Come in, take a seat at the bar and watch the magic unfold in the kitchen or enjoy a private tasting in the lounge.


Bean-to-Bar and then some more


Not only is MADE New Jersey's first bean-to-bar chocolate factory, but it also offers a first class bar and lounge. Here, award winning pastry chef and chocolatier Deb Pellegrino features her one of a kind chocolate and cocktail creations using MADE chocolate. 

Chocolate tastings are offered in group and private sessions. Informal tastings are also offered at the bar: our bartenders can lead you through a MADE chocolate tasting expertly paired with wine or whiskey. After enjoying a chocolate tasting, take a trip to the retail area where bars are available for purchase.

MADE is also available for groups and private events. The rustic feel in the shop created by original terracotta brick and concrete finishes that overlook the glass-enclosed, immaculately white production area is the perfect setting for an intimate evening or daytime activity.