About Mark and Deb


It all started when…

Mark was born and raised in Atlantic City, started his career in the most iconic establishments in AC that compliment it’s rich history.  Starting at A.C Italian Bakery  & Panarelli’s when he was just 15, making breads that he would deliver to the one and only White House Sub Shop.  Moving on for his love of cooking his first cooking job landed him at the Strand by the Bay, Knife and Fork & Ram’s Head only to find he wanted to pursue his love for cooking and attended ACCC. then eventually getting into the casino first in the bake shop at the Golden Nugget,  as a cook at both Trump Castle & Camelot, Resorts premier steakhouse.

Deb, born and raised in Ocean City, NJ, had a different approach.  Starting out waitressing still figuring out what to do landed in culinary school also at ACCC.  Became a private chef for a family in Ventnor for a summer gave her the opportunity to get down to Ft. Lauderdale Fla where she got a dream job of working on a private 204’ yacht that travelled around the world for 3 years.  Coming back to the states wanting to get pastry experience, she took a job at Resorts as pastry sous chef and that’s where it all began for makings of MADE.

Deb and Mark met in the main kitchen of Resorts and there was no looking back after that first meeting.   After 3 months of dating, were engaged and married 1 year later.  They both opened a unique concept called Temple Bar which was innovative culinary concepts ahead of it’s time, then Mark taking off to Caesar’s as a sous chef under Robert Irvine.  Mark began to take off in his career with opening Carmines in Atlantic City becoming Executive Sous Chef and one of the select chefs to have his own creation listed in the Carmines Cookbook,  while Deb starting with the Harrah’s organization as Executive Pastry chef to eventually oversee 4 casinos in the city. 

Deb’s love for pastry took her to competing on Food Network Challenge not only once but twice for the win! And getting many opportunities to grow her talents into many accolades, awards and creating many unique pastries for some of the world’s most known celebrities.

The combination of Mark and Deb’s love for one another and what they do has developed into a unique concept with Chocolate, wine and cocktails.  There’s no better way to pair this incredible duo’s talents, love for each other and what they do, than to spill it over to their shop name of MADE (the first two letters of both their names).  More to come with future of MADE and we hope you are with us!